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Birmingham Businessman scoops Digital Marketing Award

Posted on 19 October 2016 by editor

David Vidgen, owner of David Vidgen Ltd, an Inbound Marketing Agency in Birmingham have scooped the BirminghamNewsPlus Digital Marketing Award for best ‘Marketing on a Shoestring’. In this category they were able to demonstrate the effect of a digital marketing budget of less than £1000.00.

Within a budget of £1000.00 we were able to redevelop an existing website and transform it, into a highly profitable lead generation tool. In March 2016, we were awarded the contract of developing a website for a local kitchen and bathroom installer. The website was dated, but had good organic rankings. Despite this, leads were sparse and the website was not proving a good return on investment. Keeping within budget, we created a functional website that sought to build visitor trust and to generate highly relevant leads. In the first month alone, we generated more leads than in the whole of the previous year. The website has become such a powerful leads generation tool, this has resulted in a 7 month waiting list for our clients service. We’ve further improved their organic rankings with the use of technical and on-page seo.

David Vidgen

David Vidgen – owner of David Vidgen Ltd

Much of the success is contributed to the inclusion of trust signals to their website. The company operates a 12-month guarantee, as well as several 5 star reviews on Google, so we put this to good practice by making a point of highlighting them on every landing page. We knew that in the construction industry trust is of significant importance, so we made sure we brought all of the trust elements to the reader’s attention. We also took advantage of well known brands, and we were able to piggy-back on the trust of these companies. This is an advanced conversion rate strategy that is used by some of the most successful digital brands. Explained, David Vidgen.

With over 1000 entries in this category, David Vidgen Ltd were worthy winners after they were able to demonstrate their digital marketing expertise backed up by hard data. They provided third party evidence of the levels of traffic the website now receives, the conversion rate, organic rankings and heat mapping. The judges felt that this demonstrated a clear digital marketing strategy by David Vidgen Ltd and an overwhelming return on investment for their client.

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