M6 Toll could be FREE

Posted on 26 June 2013 by editor

The operators of the M6 Toll ‘Midland Expressway’ have said they will open it for free when the main M6 motorway is closed due to an accident or extreme weather, but not for congestion, on the proviso if they are released from a government contract.

Midland Expressway is allowing lorries which are members of the Road Haulage Association to use the road for free throughout July.

The owners have  asked ministers to scrap a deal for it to part-fund the building of a link road between the M6 Toll and the M54 motorways. The company is believed to have debts in the region of £1.03bn and would have to find £100m towards the cost of the link road.

The Department for Transport (DfT) said it was unable to comment on the situation while negotiations were ongoing.

A spokesman for the DfT said: “Government has an agreement with Midland Expressway in respect to the M54 link road, which we fully expect to be honoured.

“We will review any proposal put forward but delivering the best value for taxpayers and road users will always be our top priority.”

In 2006 more than 55,000 cars a day were using the toll, figures early this year showed that it had dropped to an average of just 34,000.

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