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Company seizes opportunity to recruit at Gay Pride

Posted on 03 May 2016 by editor

With over 100,000 people due to attend Birmingham’s gay pride, the festival is a good opportunity to recruit from the LGBT community. Police Recruitment Manager – David Vidgen has used this tactic before, deploying the recruitment team to the event in order to raise the awareness of careers in the service. The LGBT community can often be hard to reach, in many companies there can be a stigma and it can be difficult for gay workers to reach their potential. Attending Gay Pride is a real opportunity to showcase the work a company has done, not least allowing gay workers to tell and share their stories and experiences of working for a particular employer. It can also allow the company to show the human element of their business, rather than the corporate machine.

From experience, Gay Pride is really good at promoting long-term career opportunities and for overcoming perhaps some negative organisational perceptions. People often have a perception of a company, and the LGBT community can sometimes find this perception as a barrier to entry. Often the perception is incorrect, so attending Pride is a real opportunity to breakdown barriers and to highlight the good work a company does, not just in the LGBT community but across all user groups.

Gay Pride is attended by over 75,000 people from all across the world. It runs Saturday to Bank Holiday Monday and includes a variety of events including a Parade through Birmingham, music festival, food, cabaret entertainment, funfair, plus lots more. You can get involved in the 2017 event by visiting Birmingham Pride website.

Gay Pride is just one of a number of ways that David Vidgen has utilised large scale events as a means of recruitment. Having a presence at venues where these is considerable footfall can be advantageous, not least because of the exposure it can provide. Many companies under estimate the value of taking the business to the community. It provides a great opportunity, not only to recruit from the adult population, but to target the next generation of employees. If the company has a negative perception, there’s no better way to overcome this than by putting the company out there. Targeting the next generation helps to break down barriers and leave a long lasting impression with a group of people who in time will be your next pool of potential applicants. There are particular industries where this would be favourable, most notably the police service. The police service has a terrible reputation in some communities, and sitting behind the desk or failing to turn up when crimes occur, will certainly not help solve this problem. Resources or not, without effort to overcome prejudices or negative perceptions, those perceptions will never change. What’s more, just saying that applicants from particular groups are welcome to apply, again this does nothing to combat any negative perceptions. The approach must be multi faceted, and must include the highest standards possible of recruitment to ensure that the right people are employed. Where employees have been recruited over a period of time and through differing recruitment standards, a modified approach needs to be taken to address any under performers, or those who don’t display the qualities of a modern organisation. You also need to include role-models and ambassadors, and free them up from others duties so they can commit 100%. All too often, they have other commitments, and this impacts on their ability to carry out the task to the best of their abilities. Where advertising has been utilised in the past, this has made little to no effect on the recruitment of staff from under represented groups. Advertising post millennium is now so fragmented, advertising just doesn’t have the coverage it once had. Don’t waste your money on adverts, focus on outreach campaigns, as these provide the perfect platform to actually get out there and speak. This is why so many political parties carry this task leading up to local and national elections. The problem is, they don’t turn out in the community at any other time, so the public are skeptical. If you are going to undertake outreach programmes, make sure they are regular, because it’s this regularity that breads familiarity.

This article has been written by David Vidgen.




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More jobs at Longbridge

Posted on 05 December 2013 by editor

Longbridge the former home of the MG Rover group has confirmed today that it is set to create a further 350 jobs. Phase 1 of the project has already successfully been completed with the development of a new Bournville College, Sainsbury’s, Costa Coffee, Beefeater, Premier Inn, 35,000 sq ft of offices and the £2m Austin Park, a green area named after Lord Austin of Longbridge.  The centre also boasts free parking, with a new park and ride facility due to be open in 2014.

The 350 jobs is subject to planning approval for a new 150,000 sq ft 2-storey Marks & Spencers store. Work is set to start in 2014 summer and be completed by Christmas 2015.

Marks & Spencers regional manager Julie Ridley said it believed the planned store would “cater for the shoppers of south Birmingham and attract new customers from the M5 and M42 corridor”.

St Modwen acquired the 468-acre site after the MG Rover Group collapsed in 2005. Thus far over 3,500 jobs have been created on the site, just over half of the 6000 that MG Rover employed at its peak.


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Monarch Aircraft Engineering unveils new maintenance hangar at BHX

Posted on 26 November 2013 by editor

One of the UK’s largest Airlines, Monarch has unveiled its state of the art aircraft maintenance hangar at Birmingham Airport. The firm who provides airline maintenance for some of the worlds largest airlines, has built a facility capable of maintaining two modern day wide bodied aircraft including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, Boeing 777, 747 and Airbus A350. It is expected that up to 40% of its profits will come from maintaining third party aircraft.

It has created over 150 local jobs, particularly for 16+ year old apprentices, roles in Logistics, HR, analytical roles and aircraft engineers and technicians, with a further 150 planned in the future.

Mick Adams, Managing Director of MAEL, said: “Today is a real milestone in the growth and development of MAEL as we officially open our tremendous new state-of-the-art engineering hangar at Birmingham Airport. The hard work and dedication of the whole team involved in this project has been outstanding and has allowed us to ensure it has opened on time and most importantly, within budget.Our own people, the contractors John Sisk & Son Ltd, RPS Group plc and Birmingham Airport have all formed part of the large team involved in this project over the last year and I would like to thank them for their unending commitment. The hangar, together with our existing facilities at London Luton and Manchester further secures our ability to provide both existing and new customers, with a first class maintenance, repair and overhaul service.”

Paul Kehoe, CEO of Birmingham Airport said: “Today’s opening is a major development for Monarch Aircraft Engineering, Birmingham Airport and the Midlands region as a whole. Opening this state-of-the-art facility in Birmingham underpins Monarch’s long-term commitment to the region, creating job opportunities for skilled engineers and young people looking to start a career in aircraft maintenance. We look forward to welcoming the arrival of new aircraft and airlines flying into Birmingham specifically to benefit from this world class facility.”

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Royal Mail workers vote to strike

Posted on 16 October 2013 by editor

Royal Mail workers have voted four-to0-one in favour of strike action on 4th Nov – the first national strike at Royal Mail in almost four years. 63% of union members took part, with 78% of those in favour of strike action.

The strike is to protect employees terms and conditions, which are under threat in view of the recent privatisation. The CWU has said that communications are still ongoing and they hope to avoid a strike on the 4th Nov.

Royal Mail was recently privatised with shares reaching a high of £4.89. On Tuesday, Royal Mail confirmed that full-time staff would receive 725 shares, worth £3,545 at Tuesday’s close. Labour has critisised the government for selling the shares too cheap.

The CWU’s deputy general secretary, Dave Ward, said: “Postal workers have spoken very clearly that they care about their jobs, terms and conditions far more than they care about shares.

“We have said from the beginning that we want an agreement and we still do. We have offered the company a two-week period to reach an agreement and having already had many hours of negotiation, this is achievable if there is a will.”

The strike will bear relief for some residents, as Royal Mail is widely used by Direct Marketers for unsolicited mail. Royal Mail however, have said that the strike could damage the service as customers and businesses seek to take their custom elsewhere.

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Midlands Metro unveils £40m tram upgrade

Posted on 16 October 2013 by editor

The Midlands Metro which runs between Birmingham and Wolverhampton have unveiled a new tram from the £40 million fleet due next year.

The new Urbos 3 trams are a third bigger than those in current use made by Ansaldo Trasporti and can carry approx. 200 passengers. The entire fleet will be introduced on the network between Birmingham and Wolverhampton next year.

Work is already being undertaken to extend the metro route, this is due to be completed in 2015.

They will go into service on the existing Metro route between Birmingham and Wolverhampton next year as well as the new route.

The first of the new fleet was unveiled by Birmingham City Council leader Sir Albert Bore during a unveiling ceremony at the Midland Metro depot in Potters Lane, Wednesbury. The depot itself has been extended to cater for the new fleet of trams at a cost of £14m.

Sir Albert said: “The delivery of the first tram is a real milestone because Metro has a key role to play in the on-going development of our transport network so that it can underpin economic growth right across the West Midlands.

“Work is already underway on the city centre extension but we are now planning to take the Metro on further to Centenary Square as well as extending it through Wolverhampton city centre to the railway station.”

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Chinese Firms invest in Birmingham and the Midlands

Posted on 14 October 2013 by editor

Birmingham and the Midlands has become a firm favourite with Chinese investors as more high profile takeovers have been announced. Since chinese firm Nanjing Automotive acquired MG Rover some 8 years ago, the midlands has seen a rise in takeovers.

Another more recent takeover has been at the Coventry based London Taxi Company (LTI) which was bought by Chinese car maker Geely.

NVC Lighting, one of the biggest manufacturers of its kind in China recently set up a large manufacturing warehouse in Rubery – drawn there because of the easy transport links to the M5, M6, M42 and M40.

LTI also recently brought the collapsed firm LDV vans.

Experts believe the West Midlands offers good investment opportunities for yet more Chinese firms.

According to Business Birmingham’s Regional Observatory, the Greater Birmingham and Solihull enterprise zone saw an 88% increase in foreign investment projects in 2012-13, creating more than 2,000 new jobs.

Business Birmingham has targeted China as potentially one of its largest sources of investment, employing someone there to sell the West Midlands to the Chinese as a place to do business.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry, the value of Chinese investments across the country rose last year, with an increase in the number of new or safeguarded jobs as a result.

LTI is further evidence that China has a large role to play in the West Midlands.

Its new Chinese owners are looking to expand production and move into a new factory somewhere in the Coventry area.

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