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How one local company is providing revolutionary treatments for scars and stretch marks

Posted on 05 July 2017 by editor

As remarkable as the human body can be, two things it cannot do is repair deep scars or unsightly stretch marks. One local company in Birmingham is providing revolutionary new treatments for scars, stretch marks and wrinkles. Whilst Botox has now been around for years, it has a limited period of success (around 4 months), it’s costly and comes with a myriad of potential adverse effects.

Designing Faces in Kings Heath has brought German engineering to Birmingham. Phi Lings is a remarkable anti ageing treatment that targets wrinkles, double chins, frown lines as well as dramatic results on acne scars, stretch marks and scar tissue. “Not only is it really effective, it also lasts between 9 and 24 months, so performs much better than Botox.” Explains Ella, Senior Consultant at Designing Faces. “I have been providing semi permanent treatments for over 10 years and I can honestly say that I have never seen results like I have with Phi Lings.”

One of the main problems with Botox is that you are injecting a foreign substance into the body. This can have severe consequences, including death. We all know that Germany produce some of the best products in the world, so it comes as no surprise that they have invented Phi Lings. This non cosmetic treatment, is 100% safe and effective.

Designing Faces are 1 of just 3 professional clinics in the UK that offer this treatment and it’s in the heart of the second city. Situated, just 10-15 mins off the M42 and M5 motorways, it’s ideally situated and easy to locate.

You can find out more about Phi Lings Treatments here. Treatments for scars and stretch marks start from a little as £150.00.

If you suffer from Alopecia, you may also be interested in Microblading. Check out Tony’s remarkable story to reclaim her younger looks.

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Stunning new bikinis and swimwear at The Lingerie Collection

Posted on 22 April 2015 by editor

With the warm weather already already arriving early in Birmingham, now is the time to go and grab that new bikini and swimwear from The Lingerie Collection in Sutton Coldfield. Whether you are holidaying in the UK or abroad this year, wearing a bikini or swimsuit can often be daunting for women, as there a few times when you would wear so little in public. The Lingerie Collection are a specialist boutique, focusing on swimwear for the larger bust size (D cup upwards); and with our free fitting service, we make sure that your next swimsuit will make you feel 100% confident when stepping on that beach.

The Lingerie Collection stock all the latest swimwear catwalk brands, such as Moontide, Phax and Fantasie.


Ensuring that your swimsuit fits will boost your confidence. Women with larger busts often wear ill fitting swimsuits and bikinis, that’s why we offer you a fantastic free fitting service – designed to ensure that you feel 100% confident with your purchase, and to ensure that when you step out on that beach, you don’t feel exposed or out of place. We understand that swimwear is intimate, so we choose our brands very carefully, taking our time to ensure that we only stock swimwear that is fashionable, and is designed to compliment your body.

Our stock includes all the latest 2015 collections, including bikini’s, halter neck tops, strapless, kaftans and swimsuits. They are currently offering 10% off your first in-store order, so there’s no better time to grab that new bikini.

Why not check out our website today or pop into store at:

The Lingerie Collection
Unit 10
Weeford Rd
Sutton Coldfield
West Midlands
B75 6NA

TEL: 0121 3234888

If you are looking for exclusivity in store we can open the shop out of hours* and provide you a complete swimwear personal shopping experience.

*Minimum spend required – please call the store for details.

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Glamour Locks Hair Extensions – New Business Start up in Birmingham

Posted on 03 June 2014 by editor

To celebrate small business week, we are profiling a new start-up business that is taking Birmingham and Solihull by storm. Glamour Locks Hair Extensions offer that celebrity look at just a fraction of the cost with their new 100% human hair extensions with tiny tips.  Cheaper than original hair extensions, these tiny tips do not damage the hair because they do not require heat, brading, glue or sewing.

Emma Smith the founder of Glamour Locks said “the hair extensions that we fit are unique to the industry in that they use tiny tips technology that does not damage the hair. This allows users to wear the extensions with great comfort and for up to two months at a time per fitting, after which we simply remove and refit. Each set of extensions are designed to last approx 12 months. So unlike other hair extension brands, our hair can be reused, so is considerably cheaper and cost effective. The removal and refitting process just requires the use of new tiny micro tips that secure the hair in place every two months. This is because the users natural hair grows, so the extensions need refitting.”

Hair extensions have become widely used and accepted across the globe. This in turn has fueled the consumer markets, as the general public strive to achieve that celebrity look. From a start-up business perspective, you can see why Glamour Locks have entered the market. With every celebrity, actor, singer etc now using hair extensions, this is a phenomenal business opportunity to reach out to consumers who want that celebrity look and feel. We already know from the cosmetics market that if a product is priced reasonably, it will attract buyers. It appears that Glamour Locks are doing just this and we wish them every success.

Glamour Locks Hair Extensions are based in Kings Norton, Birmingham serving both the Birmingham and Solihull markets. You can visit their website at:

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Snow set to disrupt businesses in Birmingham this weekend

Posted on 03 December 2013 by editor

Up to 20cm of snow is forecast across England and Wales this weekend and is set to disrupt the retail sector and transport systems. Temperatures are due to drop by approx 8 degrees during the day, to around 2 degrees. Businesses are being told to prepare by ensuring that they have adequate salt, and where roads and access is required to ensure that it is cleared using a snow plough or alike.

The retail sector, which appears to have enjoyed a healthy November could be hit as shoppers avoid venturing out in the cold weather.

The forecast for Monday and Tuesday looks set to be mainly dry but rather cloudy, with light winds and the odd brighter spell. On Tuesday rain is expected to spread southwards across Scotland, moving across England and Wales on Wednesday.

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Plans to revamp mental health unit at children’s hospital

Posted on 11 October 2013 by editor

Plan have been unveiled by Birmingham Children’s Hospital to upgrade its mental health unit in Moseley. The plans include a music room, treatment rooms, fitness and 44 bedrooms to help treat children aged five to 18 who suffer a range of mental health issues including eating disorders such as anorexia. One of the key benefits will be allowing natural light into open spaces.

Chief executive Sarah-Jane Marsh said: “Our existing facilities (at Parkview) have become outdated, and we are currently only able to offer shared bedrooms, which is not acceptable.”

The estimated cost of the upgrade is in the region of £9m and will take 3 years to complete and is thought to be the largest in the UK. The planning stages involved staff and patients input, as well as families.

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Advertise Jobs for FREE

Posted on 08 October 2013 by editor

Do you have jobs you want to advertise? We will allow you to advertise jobs for free on birminghamnewsplus in return that you mention, share and promote your jobs on our website by pasting the following HTML code on your website:

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It really is that simple. All we ask is that you tell others about our website by using the above HTML code, plus you share on twitter, facebook and any other social media platform.

Posts will normally go live within 48 hours. We accept vacancies in microsoft word format, acrobat pdf, excel, rich text format, plain text format or on the body of an email. Please remember to include your closing date. In the event that this is not included, posts will be removed within 28 days.

Simply send your vacancies by email to:

Advertise Jobs for FREE is at the discretion of the editor and birminghamnewsplus reserves the right to reject adverts if they do not meet our diversity standards.

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Win 90 days free nutrition

Posted on 08 October 2013 by editor

We’ve team up with Body by Vi to bring you the opportunity to win 90 days worth of great nutrition (ideal for weight loss). Body by Vi are giving 3 lucky ‘overweight’ parents the opportunity to win a 90 day transformation weight loss kit. This kit is full of great nutrition and is ideal if you want to lose weight. The Transformation Kit retails at £199 per month, so 90 days worth of nutrition is worth just under £600. This competition is ideal, not only if you want to lose weight, but if you also want to save on your monthly shop.

The Body by Vi Weight Loss Transformation Kit includes:

  • 60 servings of Vi-shape each month (that’s two per day). Vi-shape is the meal replacement shake in sweet cream flavour, so can be consumed on it’s own or with other healthy ingredients such as fruit
  • 28 nutra cookies, in case you feel hungry between meals
  • 10 mix-in flavours – 5 chocolate and 5 strawberry
  • 60 servings of Omega Vitals™: Help your joints, your skin, your hair, your heart and every cell in your body with our exclusive blend of life enhancing oils, including evening primrose, pumpkin seed, and molecularly distilled fish oils
  • 30 servings of Metab-Awake™ helps support normal macronutrient metabolism. Taken once a day, each tablet contains chromium and an herbal blend to help support your Challenge goals
  • ViSalus NEURO™ Smart Energy Drink Mix: Get healthy energy. Nutrition for body and your brain! (30 servings)

Terms and Conditions

  • FREE entry is open to UK householders only
  • Pregnant mums are not permitted to enter (this is because you should not be trying to lose weight during pregnancy)
  • Any person currently under Chemotherapy (this is due to the antioxidants)
  • Only 1 entry per household
  • will not share your personal information with any third party, however we may contact you from time to time with other offers and dietary advice

To enter, please click here.

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Body by Vi with David Vidgen

Posted on 20 May 2013 by editor

David Vidgen is a promoter of the Body by Vi, the UK’s newest 90-day weight loss challenge. The challenge involves taking healthy and fast food meal replacement shakes twice per day for 90 days. The goal is to lose at least 10 lbs over 90 days.

The challenge is like no other challenge seen in the UK. Refer 3 people to the challenge and you can get your challenge kit for free, plus lose 10 lbs or more and you will get a free “I lost it” t-shirt.

For those interested in promoting the challenge, there are significant financial rewards. We all know in business that those individuals who are in at the start reap the most rewards and this programme is no different. If you become a promoter of the challenge now, as the challenge grows and more and more people want to be promoters and users, so will your rewards. The compensation plans includes the opportunity to earns up to 25% on all customers sales, plus 5% on all sales made by other promoters within your team. There are also bonuses to be earn’t for those who embrace the challenge and promote the scheme at rapid pace.

Article by David Vidgen ‘Health & Fitness’ professional helping clients lose weight and feel great. Independent Promoter of the Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge, Join the Challenge. Google+

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90 Day Weight Loss Challenge for Birmingham

Posted on 23 March 2013 by editor

The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge and Meal Replacement Plan has officially arrived in the UK. It challenges individuals who live in Birmingham to lose 10 lbs or more in 90 days. The challenge involves taking meal replacement weight loss shakes and supplements for at least 90 days. The number 1 weight loss promoter in the UK – has set the challenge.

David Vidgen, Personal Fitness Consultant says “The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge is a weight loss and meal replacement program that the UK has never experienced before. It aims to tackle the UK obesity crisis and help people lose at least 10 lbs in 90 Days. Surveys show, that those individuals who manage to lose at least 10 lbs are more likely to maintain their new weight long-term. Individuals looking to lose weight should replace at least two meals a day. The shakes cost less than £2 each, so not only will you lose weight, but you will also save money on your food shopping. Whats more, if you refer 3 individuals to the challenge, you can then receive your products for FREE – this is called 3 for FREE.

The program has become the number 1 weight loss challenge in North America, last year alone it attracted 1.5 million users. America has an estimated 69% of the population obese, the UK currently stands at 63% so there are some similarities between the two countries. The position is largely attributed to fast food and sedentary lifestyles. Since the second world war we have seen a dramatic switch from farming to manufacturing and now the service industry. During this time, our levels of physical activity has seriously been depleted and as such our weight has increased. The Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge aims to address this situation by reducing the calorie intake of the masses to a point where we begin to see a reduction in obesity.

The West Midlands has one of the worst levels of obesity in the UK. The aim is simple, lose 10 lbs in 90 Day and feel and look great. Now is the time to think about getting into shape for the summer.


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Sitting for excessive periods causes health issues

Posted on 17 October 2012 by editor

A recent study of 800,000 people by Loughborough University has revealed that sitting for excessively long periods increases the risk of diabetes, heart disease and death. Even those who regularly exercise are also at risk.

David Vidgen, a personal trainer in Solihull and Birmingham at said: “The real cause lies with our sedentary lifestyles, caused by watching Satellite TV, driving, or sitting in front of a computer. Even though many people in society own gym memberships, the amount of physical exercises undertaken is far too low.”

Diabetes UK reported that anyone who spent a lot of time sitting or lying down would “obviously benefit” from moving more.

Dr Emma Wilmot from the Diabetes Group at the University of Leicester, says while going to the gym or pool after work is better than heading straight for the sofa, spending a long time sitting down remains bad for you.

The university undertook several studies using different measurements – e.g, more or less than 14 hours a week watching TV, or self-reported sitting time of less than three hours a day to more than eight. The report could not specify just how much time sitting is bad for you.

Prof Stuart Biddle,Loughborough University said: “If a worker sits at their desk all day then goes to the gym, while their colleague heads home to watch TV, then the gym-goer will have better health outcomes. But there is still a health risk because of the amount of sitting they do. Comparatively, the risk for a waiter who is on their feet all day is going to be a lot lower.”

He added: “People convince themselves they are living a healthy lifestyle, doing their 30 minutes of exercise a day. But they need to think about the other 23.5 hours.”

What is clear from the report is that people should not be discouraged from exercising.  Individuals should aim to undertaken at least 2-3 hours of aerobic exercise per week.

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