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Birmingham unveil £4bn transport plan

Posted on 17 November 2014 by editor

Birmingham City Council has unveiled a £4bn transport plan including new tram lines, high speed bus network and building new train stations. The 20 year plan have yet to be completely financed, but further funding is expected to come from Government and European sources.

Some of the plans being considered are a new super tunnel and an upgraded ring road.

Birmingham is considered to have poor inner city transport systems, and is fraught with congestion. This is primarily caused by the 1 million car journeys made into Birmingham each day. In the next 20 years it is estimated there will be 80,000 more vehicles if alternative transport systems are not put in place.

Some of the plans feature:

  • Rapid Transit Bus routes include a further 9 routes, priority lanes, 20mph average speeds and cashless payments
  • New Metro lines including links to Birmingham Airport, NEC and the new HS2 station in Digbeth

John Peters, who travels into Birmingham each day by car describes the current system as “dire” and welcomes upgraded transport plans. “Changes are urgently required, the current road network is barely sufficient, so with further cars estimated in the future, the road network desperately need to be relieved by improvements in other transport areas.”

For the second year running the Queensway Tunnels have been upgraded during the summer months, with improvements to the lighting and ventilation system.

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