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Birmingham News Plus has been built by David Vidgen Ltd. David Vidgen Ltd are a small inbound marketing agency in Birmingham specialising in website marketing, public relations, mobile and tablet friendly websites and forging partnerships with local websites that seek to bring traffic, leads and new customers through your website.

With any website, the key is to create content that is newsworthy, because this will naturally create links, likes, shares and mentions. A great way to achieve this is by running competitions and giveaways to your audience that require them to share the content in order to be entered into the draw. This is particularly good on social media websites such as twitter and facebook etc, but may also get picked up by industry related websites, magazines etc. It is clear that we somewhat live in a world where people would rather share pictures of their favourite pet or car, so you need to bear this in mind when developing a social media strategy.

Websites are a vital business tool in a modern trading world, for many they are the linchpin and source of revenue and turnover. Whether you are a small or large organisation, having a website enables you to potentially compete in National and Global markets. There are many businesses that exist in garages, spare bedrooms etc, but you will never know this if they have a professional website.

Contrary to popular belief, those websites that rank top for particular words and phrases aren’t necessary the best businesses, however, they do command most of the traffic. Because users of search engines are now well educated and verse to using ‘Search’ they now tend to refine the search to get the results they want, rather than click through to page 2 and 3. This has huge implications for you and your website, because in essence if you are not dominating the rankings, you are in essence invisible to most search users – and that means your website is next to useless.

The key with any website that you want to perform is to understand on-page ranking factors and inbound marketing. A combination of both will improve your rankings, providing you are meticulously careful in who you ask to link to your website – with relevancy and quality being of utmost importance.  Using PR can harness mentions, but you need to be careful with using just this strategy because you can’t always control who links to you as anyone can pick up news stories.

Content syndication is another useful business tool that can help your website performance. This is where you contribute content to other websites in return for a mention and link back to your own. This is an acceptable strategy in the eyes of the search engines because for a website to consider your content, it must be of good value otherwise know one would want your content, let alone give you a mention.

No matter how you look at inbound marketing and websites, content is always king. We come back to this time and time again, without good content you have nothing more than a ‘me too’ website. Its vital when considering your content strategy that you create worthy linkable content, that people actually want because you offer an expert opinion, or you offer a service or product better than others.

BirminghamNewsPlus welcomes small and medium sized Birmingham based businesses to promote their latest news, jobs and offers online at no charge. Contact us for more information.

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