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How landscaping our gardens could be contributing to localised flooding

Posted on 13 September 2017 by editor

We all like a nice garden and driveway. But does our desire to strive for low maintenance landscaping contribute to flooding? The answer to this is yes. As more and more of us opt for block paving and concrete driveways, greater excess water ends up in the storm drains, where previously it would be absorbed by grasslands and flower beds.

Did you know that if you install a new driveway and it slopes towards the road, then building regulations require you to install a soakaway? Few people know this, but a simple 5ft square soakaway ensures that any excess rainwater is absorbed appropriately into the ground, rather than ending up in the local river. If you don’t install a soakaway, then it could lead to problems down the line selling your property. Even worse, it will only take one unhappy local neighbour to bring a civil claim against a homeowner and successfully win, and the courts will be overwhelmed with claims.

Kerb appeal is of course very important and there’s nothing better than a nice landscaped garden to welcome you home at the end of your day.

Despite this, we all have a duty as homeowners to ensure we provide a sustainable neighbourhood. The risk of flooding had increased over the years, there is of course lots of speculation and science to indicate why this maybe happening, but ultimately, if we want low maintenance driveways and landscapes, then we need to ensure that it complies with building regulations.

If you are looking to develop your landscape or driveway and you know that your driveway slopes towards the road, you should be asking your driveway company if they are going to install a soakaway. If they say no, then move onto another company because they should be complying with regulations. If building regulations find your new driveway in breach, then it is your responsibility to rectify the matter, not the driveway company. It also won’t be the driveway company that lands up in the courts, it will be the homeowner.

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