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Glamour Locks Hair Extensions – New Business Start up in Birmingham

Posted on 03 June 2014 by editor

To celebrate small business week, we are profiling a new start-up business that is taking Birmingham and Solihull by storm. Glamour Locks Hair Extensions offer that celebrity look at just a fraction of the cost with their new 100% human hair extensions with tiny tips.  Cheaper than original hair extensions, these tiny tips do not damage the hair because they do not require heat, brading, glue or sewing.

Emma Smith the founder of Glamour Locks said “the hair extensions that we fit are unique to the industry in that they use tiny tips technology that does not damage the hair. This allows users to wear the extensions with great comfort and for up to two months at a time per fitting, after which we simply remove and refit. Each set of extensions are designed to last approx 12 months. So unlike other hair extension brands, our hair can be reused, so is considerably cheaper and cost effective. The removal and refitting process just requires the use of new tiny micro tips that secure the hair in place every two months. This is because the users natural hair grows, so the extensions need refitting.”

Hair extensions have become widely used and accepted across the globe. This in turn has fueled the consumer markets, as the general public strive to achieve that celebrity look. From a start-up business perspective, you can see why Glamour Locks have entered the market. With every celebrity, actor, singer etc now using hair extensions, this is a phenomenal business opportunity to reach out to consumers who want that celebrity look and feel. We already know from the cosmetics market that if a product is priced reasonably, it will attract buyers. It appears that Glamour Locks are doing just this and we wish them every success.

Glamour Locks Hair Extensions are based in Kings Norton, Birmingham serving both the Birmingham and Solihull markets. You can visit their website at:

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