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Longbridge Back in Business

Posted on 28 August 2013 by editor

After 10 years of decline and demolition, Longbridge is finally back in business. Today sees the first phase of a £1bn project to redevelop the former MG Rover landscape into a vibrant and thriving new town centre. The first phase of the development includes a new Sainsbury’s, Premier Inn, Greggs, Costa and much more. The centre also boasts a peaceful new park.

Ken Woolis was employed at MG Rover for 37 years and is now working for Sainsbury’s on the site.  He said: “It’s great to be back… I was part of the history and now I want to be part of the future of this shop.”

Mike Murray, from development firm St Modwen, said: “We’ve created 3,000 full-time jobs here so we’re half way back to the original amount of jobs that were here at Longbridge.”

Development is expected to continue for another 15 years on the site.

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